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Specialized Planning Teams

With a firm of nearly 80 advisers and wealth strategists, we have a tremendous amount of specialization in:

  • Working with professionals in various industries in need of advanced planning strategies including dentists, physicians, pharmacists, attorneys, chiropractors, real estate professionals, local corporations, and small business owners, to name a few.
  • Providing advanced family planning strategies for same-sex marriages and the LGBTBE community, which have their own unique planning challenges.
  • Providing strategies and empowering individuals to make difficult, financial decisions as they consider, or are going through, the divorce process.
  • Assisting families with special needs children, identifying financial goals and objectives, and then providing them with the best strategies to obtain those goals.

All of these unique planning challenges demand experienced, expert planning; please visit one of our Resource sites that best fits your unique needs.

Click to learn more:

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